NHRA Father’s Day Win For 64-Year-Old John Force

BRISTOL, TN — The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) reported one of its most inspirational wins ever on Father’s Day. John Force, the 64-year-old patriarch of the John Force drag racing family, finally broke a 31-year old event cold streak to win the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol Dragway.

Check out the official video of Force’s race and the interview afterward that I posted above, and it may just bring you to tears.

He defeated opponent Cruz Pendregon in the final round. Force’s Ford Mustang made a 4.148 second run at an astounding 305.29 miles per hour.

Pendregon’s Toyota Camry hiccuped and shut off near the finish.

The Forces are popularly known as the first family of drag racing, and why not? He’s the father of three competitive drag racers, Ashley Force Hood, Brittany Force, and Courtney Force.

His son-in-law is racer Robert Hight, who is married to his daughter Adria Hight. She also serves as chief financial officer for John Force Racing.

His daughter, 24-year-old Courtney Force, also participated in the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals event.


Yet in some ways, the proud father and successful drag racer is a typical 64-year-old. ESPN noted that as a drag racer, John Force “spends most of his waking time tweaking an engine that produces G-forces more intense than what an astronaut feels at launch.”

Yet his daughters tease their dad about his lack of modern tech skills. Brittany told ESPN’s Kate Fagan, “I got him that iPod, the simplest model with like only two buttons? I even created a playlist for him, and he never touched the thing. How is he supposed to use an iPhone?”

Father’s Day seems like the perfect day for John Force to break his cold streak in the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals.

[NHRA winner John Force suits up before race, Image courtesy John Force Racing via Facebook]