Netflix And DreamWorks Partner To Create Original Content

Netflix and DreamWorks have partnered to create original content. The deal, which was announced this morning, will enable more original TV programming exclusive to Netflix.

Netflix has found success with original series’ including Hemlock Grove and House of Cards. Additionally, they created a new season of Arrested Development, which they offer exclusively.

Together, Netflix and DreamWorks plan to create even more original content. As reported by The New York Times, the new programming will draw inspiration from beloved characters including Shrek and The Croods.

A portion of the new content is expected to be more appropriate for younger audiences. Current original programming has focused on adult viewers, and may be inappropriate or uninteresting for the younger crowd. The new content will appeal to all audiences.

Last year, Netflix purchased Classic Media, which also includes programs that appeal to younger viewers. Classic Media programs include Mr. Magoo, She-Ra, Lassie, and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The Netflix and DreamWorks deal includes 300 hours of original programming, which will debut next year. The programs will be offered in all current territories.

As explained by, DreamWorks was created by David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg in 1994. The motion picture company is known for numerous films including Saving Private Ryan, American Beauty, and Castaway.


In 2001, the animated film Shrek highlighted DreamWorks’ talent for animated features. The quirky but beautiful film features the voices of Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz. Shrek had the honor of receiving the very first Oscar offered for Best Animated Film Feature.

In 2006 DreamWorks was sold to Paramount Pictures. The film company continues to produce feature length films. However, they have recently included production of several television projects, including The United States of Tara.

The Netflix and DreamWorks Deal is exciting news for fans of both. Original programming currently offered by Netflix continues to gain popularity with audiences. DreamWorks is synonymous with quality entertainment. With their new deal, the possibilities are endless.

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