‘Man Of Steel’ Posts Big Numbers In Foreign Markets

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel proved to be a huge hit in foreign markets over the weekend.

Superman’s latest big-screen adventure managed to generate quite a bit of money for the suits at Warner Bros. in the United States. However, North America isn’t the only territory where Man of Steel is making a huge impact.

According to The Wrap, movies based around Superman generally don’t perform very well overseas. Since the character is seen as a purely American superhero, his cinematic adventures generally don’t do a lot of business outside of the United States. However, that appears to have changed with Snyder’s recent effort.

Over the course of the weekend, Man of Steel managed to bring home around $71.6 million from foreign markets. This brings the film’s international total to approximately $193 million. Apparently the studio’s re-imagining of the character managed to strike a chord with audiences overseas.

Deadline reports the latest Superman movie dominated the market in the UK. The film earned around $17.1 million from nearly 600 theaters in this particular territory. Man of Steel even managed to best the opening weekend figures posted by director Shane Black’s superhero sequel Iron Man 3.

UK moviegoers weren’t the only ones to cough up a considerable chunk of change to see Zack Snyder’s reboot in theaters. The movie made around $5.6 million in the Philippines, $9.8 million in Mexico, and approximately $8.8 million in South Korea.

Stateside, Man of Steel earned $113 million over the course of three days. When early screenings are added into the equation, this figure jumps to approximately $125 million. It would appear that audiences weren’t altogether interested in the negative reviews dished out by a handful of critics.