BP Oil Spill Spreads. Attacks Inquisitr.com Website

Well folks, it was only a matter of time before that darn oil spill in the gulf reached our servers here at Inquisitr. If you want to see the effects the spill has had on our site as it spread, check out this link:Inquisitr Oil Spill Live Feed.

Seriously click on the link, it’s part of the InstantOilSpill.com initiative from A Cleaner Future, an organization designed to help green initiative efforts around the globe by raising awareness about serious environmental disasters.

As the companies website states:

A Cleaner Future aims to provoke, inspire, and provide information about alternative and renewable energy sources. We’re not experts on what should be done, we’re just concerned citizens that want there to be an earth for our children and many future generations to come.

If nothing else you’ll find an inspirational quote after you watch our site fill with sludge.

A Cleaner Future also plans to release a documentary in the future to show how the oil spill has affected communities in the direct vicinity.