British journalist gets rolling drunk and resigns on Youtube after Obama victory

Former Birmingham Mail journalist, Adam Smith told a Dutch journalist he was “a little bit pissed” then told his editors back home he was resigning to set up his own magazine. What do you do if you are a Dutch journalist in this position? You post it to Youtube of course.

The overly “emotional” Mr Smith is filmed on a set of steps writing a story about the Obama victory. Obviously hammered he then admits to plagiarisng his take on the historic US election, yelling “thank God for the BBC becuse I am cutting and pasting it all, baby!”

The video is a 4 minute embarrassment, and is therefore hilarious. The Birmingham Mail is refusing to comment on what it calls an “internal matter”.

Adam Smith has got to be regretting his F*&k You resignation which he didn’t even remember the next day. The worst I have ever done when a little inebriated is drunk dialled an ex. Tell us your humiliating drunk story in the comments. Go on, it won’t be as embarrassing as Adam Smith’s.