October 10, 2016
China gags Scoble but blogging still lives

This past weekend has been a really boring one as far as news in the tech blogosphere. It got to the point that I joked on FriendFeed that we needed a typical Scoble "foot in the mouth" type post to liven things up. Unfortunately though Robert seems to have vanished from the blogosphere as there haven't been any updates on Twitter, FriendFeed or his blog for a few days. I was almost ready to call a 911 for him until I saw this one line update on FriendFeed to a post written by Duncan here at The Inquisitr.

Funnily enough it was a post about how blogging isn't dead but is in fact alive and kicking

So it turns out Robert has been quiet because he is currently visiting technology centers in China. While we have been bored and trying to find interesting things to write about; but left with regurgitated ideas, Robert has been gagged by China.

The one benefit about this is that he should have quite the backlog of cool stuff to tell us when he returns home where blogging isn't something that can end you up in jail - yet anyway.