E Ink Pearl Debuts, Brings 50% Better Contrast

E Ink is now offering a new display known as E Ink Pearl, an option that brings with it a 50-percent greater contrast resolution than former E Ink displays.

Formerly known as PVI – Pearl, it’s believed to be the technology that will be used on new Amazon Kindle systems and it looks amazing, featuring the whitest reflective display currently available.

SlashGear says the new technology makes pages look more like a paperback book than the previous Vizplex displays which looked like newspaper print.

In terms of specs, E Ink offers a 10:1 contrast ratio, almost 180-degree viewing angles and sub-1s refresh rates. Based on the panel size, print also ranges from 150 to 200 dpi. Screen sizes will be available from 5 to 9.7 inches and may be featured as early as late 2010 on new Kindle units.