The UFL would like to add two more teams for season three

Joshua Lobdell

On the heels of news that the UFL team will add a sixth team in Norfolk, Virginia comes news today that the league would like to add two more teams for year number three. Of course we will start to look at potentially good markets, and where a UFL franchise might be able to take firm hold and grow we also learn that the UFL is considering seven potential cities.

Given that this league has but two teams out west, one in the country center, and four more in the east we have to concede that cities in the west would have an upper leg, as the league looks to build a national fan base. One of the cities they are considering is Honolulu, Hawaii. I think that is a very bad idea as it makes traveling hard, and time differences make scheduling difficult.

So we are going to go ahead and throw out Hawaii, and rank the six other potential cities for further UFL expansion:

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