Hubdub Combines Social Voting, Gambling and Widgets

Edinburgh based Hubdub is a news prediction game which combines social voting, gambling and some widgets for good measure to deliver a site that's part stockmarket, part Digg.

At its core, Hubdub is a prediction market complete with play money. Probabilities are given for any of the hundreds of news stories tracked each day with a combination of the thousands of pieces of information brought to bear on each question by the sites users. Users bet/ invest on predictions using their play money account and win based on the odds given at the time the bet is made.

The widget offering launched last month brings Hubdub content onto third party sites including blogs and social networking pages. We haven't run one here because I can't right align it for some reason, but examples can be found here.

The service reminds me a little of the stock market style pop culture games of the late 90's but with more social features and more edgy in terms of relevance. It's a lark, but according to the sites owners it's an addictive lark with the average user doing 450 page views each a month.