Silverton, Oregon elects nations first transgender mayor

Duncan Riley

Barack Obama being elected America's first African-American President wasn't the only first this year, as Silveron, Oregon has now entered the record books as the first place in America to ever elect a transgender mayor.

Stu Rasmussen was elected mayor of Silverton, Oregon by a handsome margin of 13%. Rasmussen had previously had 2 terms as mayor in the 1990's, but as a man, before he had breast implants and wore high heels.

“I indentify mostly as a heterosexual male,” Rasmussen said. “But I just like to look like a female.”

He attributes his victory to his knowledge of the issues. "The first 30 seconds they think, am I in freak show? Is there a camera behind me? What's going on here?" said Rasmussen. "And then we get down to discussing whatever the issue is -- city business or whatever -- and they figure out this guy's different, but he knows what he's talking about."