Madonna: Malawi says No! and then blames her for divorce!

Madoona with David Banda in Malawi
Madonna’s nasty and expensive divorce form Guy Ritchie is going to cost her more than millions. The Malawi Child Services Director has said that Madonna’s divorce will mean she will not be able to adopt Mercy James, the orphan she has had her eye on since 2006.

Madoona has already one infamously adopted child from Malawi, David Banda.

Malawian official Penston Kilembe says the split with Guy, 40, means the adoption cannot be approved.
‘One fundamental condition in scrutinising adoptions is the connectedness of a family,’ he says.

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The Child Services Director then goes on to suggest that Madonna could be responsible for the divorce? On Guy Ritchie’s payroll perhaps?

‘We can’t approve a child to go into a broken family because the divorce could be the result of the behaviour of the party trying to adopt. Madonna should forget this one.’

We at the Inquisitr agree, every child should have access to a pie and sauce; its a fundamental human right.

So the innocent victim in all of this wrangling is Mercy James. Where are Madonna’s pals when you need them? We are looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow. Your brood is not very multicultural.

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