Nigella Lawson Choked By Charles Saatchi, Flees Home With Suitcase

Nigella Lawson was the victim of a shocking attack by her husband Charles Saatchi in Scott's restaurant in Mayfair, London. The 53-year-old celebrity chef and TV cooking star was seated at an outdoor patio table with the 70-year-old art patron when he launched the attack.

Folks, I'm sorry to say there isn't much of an "allegedly" or "he says, she says" in this story. The restaurant is a popular celebrity hangout, and a photographer caught several photos for the UK tabloid Mirror's Sunday People. Look for yourself, but the pictures appear to support the tabloid's claim that Saatchi choked her multiple times and even tweaked her nose.

Charles Saatchi isn't known for his sweet temper, but now he appears to have crossed a line into domestic violence. It's a distressing performance from the owner of the Saatchi Gallery and the supporter of innovative British artists.

According to the Mirror report, no one tried to interfere, even after their escalating argument got physical -- and even when Nigella Lawson was reduced to tears by Saatchi's attack. He himself eventually stomped off in a huff, leaving her crying at the table.

Neither Lawson nor Saatchi has commented. The Metropolitan Police told London media that Nigella Lawson hadn't filed a complaint. The authorities said that they were investigating.

The Daily Mail reported that Lawson was seen packing a cab with her suitcase, with the help of her 17-year-old son from her first marriage to John Diamond, who died of throat cancer in 2001.

Her public is naturally upset by the photographs of Saatchi choking Nigella Lawson.

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