Drunk Barbie Enjoys 21st A Little Too Much

Thanks to Reddit, a photograph has gone viral that depicts drunk Barbie a little worse for wear after celebrating a 21st birthday; obviously it isn’t Barbie’s birthday since she’s way older than 21, though that doesn’t stop her from getting into the spirit of things.

The Redditor, known by the name tr122, posted saying how his younger sister had asked his wife to make a Barbie birthday cake to celebrate turning the big two one.

However, knowing all too well that most 21-year-olds don’t sit and behave like Barbie normally does, this wife decided to make a more realistic depiction of how the night would turn out.

It’s a shame this creative baker didn’t manage to show how Barbie would look the morning after, though if you want a rough idea you can just read The Inquisitr’s piece showing a before and after make-up picture.

The funny cake picture shows a very drunk Barbie leaning over the toilet after one too many cocktails, which is wonderfully offset by the overflowing ‘vomit’ from the toilet that has been replaced with colorful sprinkles; come on, nobody wants real vomit on their birthday cake, that kind of realism isn’t necessary.

This is particularly important to remember so that no more people get arrested drunk driving in a Barbie jeep; it isn’t too bad when Barbie does it because, well, it’s Barbie, but if you’re a real-life person doing it then it’s very bad.


Not many birthday cakes have been so ‘lovingly’ created that they truly capture what it means to become an adult; normally it’s all roses and sweetness, which obviously aren’t the only prevailing themes that people have to deal with in their early 20s.

Reddit has always been a site that posts some weird and wonderful images that we don’t normally see everyday – though if you do see this kind of thing everyday, and not just because you go on Reddit, then please share with us what you’re doing to find these little gems.

Barbie fan or not, there’s no denying that having drunk Barbie in our lives is a fun thing, even if it’s only there to make us smile and be thankful that we aren’t draped over the toilet like this regretting our drinking decisions from the night before.

[Image via Reddit]