Christie Brinkley Plays DJ At SoFo Rocks

Christie Brinkley continued her charity work this weekend at the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton. The famous model was on hand at the 24th annual summer fund raising party, SoFo Rocks, which raises money to preserve the natural environment of Long Island’s South Fork.

Brinkley, a mermaid honoree, was honored at SoFo rocks for her “continued support of environmental philanthropy.” The Daily Mail notes that Brinkley also attended an annual meeting on radiation and public health and a stroll through the model’s Twitter feed shows that Brinkley is constantly promoting charitable causes.

On June 13 she wrote: “Thank you Ginger for this great article that highlights the important work of Pet Philanthropy.”

Brinkley said that she likes to attend charitable events because it brings attention to a good cause. Some media outlets may focus more on what she’s wearing but the model said that any exposure is good exposure.

Brinkley said: “I know when I go someplace that they’re going to want to find out about what I’m wearing instead of what I’m saying. But to be able to get something about a nuclear power plant on Extra or Access Hollywood is incredible.”

Of course, attending these events also allows Brinkley to do things that she normally doesn’t get to do: Like play DJ.

Had fun rocking out with @seabrinkley Christie Brinkley #supermodelmusic

— DJ PHRESH ™ (@djphresh) June 16, 2013

And just in case you were wondering about what Brinkley was wearing, here’s a photo from earlier in the day. Brinkley looked amazing (she’s 59!) wearing a Victoria Beckham dress (Sandra Bullock recently stunned audiences in a VB dress) while hanging out with Alec Baldwin.


But this isn’t about what Christie Brinkley was wearing. This is about preserving Long Island. You can read more about the SoFO Rocks fundraiser here.

[Image Via KD Hamptons]