2010 NFL Draft in review: Carolina Panthers

If I was Carolina Panthers QB Matt Moore, I would be very nervous. Just after getting rid of QB Jake Delhomme it seemed that the tam was ready to hand over the reins to Moore, however in the drat they not only landed QB Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame, but Tony Pike of Cincinnati as well. On top of that they took a wild card in the third round by selecting Armanti Edwards QB at Appalachian State. By my count that is four QB's on the depth chart and while Edwards will probably move to another position or be their Wild Cart option, it does not seem like the team has much confidence in Moore.

The Panthers also landed two WR, the most impressive being Brandon Lafell, three DB, one DE, and one LB. They failed to pick up a DT prospect even though they had 10 draft picks. They also failed to find any help on the offensive line, not even a depth pick. I count those as two pretty big misses, when a third round pick was spent on a guy who must learn a new position or be their specialty QB.

I think this team missed for the most part, so with that being said here is a look at their initial 2010 team grades:

Round Two (48)- QB Jimmy Clausen- A, I like this pick, he is probably the most pro ready QB in this draft. If Moore stumbles early look for him to take the helm•Round Three (78) WR Brandon Lafell- A, I like this pick as well they need another playmaking wide out, and Lafell could be just that•Talent- D, spending a third round pick on a guy who will either play WR or be the Wild Cat QB seems silly•Need- C-, No DT, and no O linemen. That is not good•Average- B-

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