Lendale White cut, suspended

This does not get the Pete Carroll era of the Seattle Seahawks off to a great start. The Seahawks made a move on draft day to reunite RB Lendale White with his College coach. That move turned to crap today as it was announced White had been suspended for four games for violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy. It was then announced that the Seahawks had cut White. While that move may have been to save a little face, there may be a larger reason behind it.

The Seahawks have not been happy with White’s effort so far in 2010 OTA’s. Although he lost 45 lbs this off season, it seems that is overall physical condition was still quite poor. However all of this could have been avoided had the Seahawks front office done their homework on this kid to begin with.

Sire it is great to reunite White and Carroll, but even though drug suspensions are suppose to be confidential the team can inquire the league about a player’s status. That inquiry should have thrown up a red flag on White, to go along with all the other red flags about this guy. The Seahawks are guilty of not doing their due diligence before trading for this guy. Considering they gave up a fourth and a sixth round pick, that is a huge blunder. While they did get other things in return the spectacular fail of White in Seattle is a black mark against what this team has tried to do this off season.

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