Husband of Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack, found dead

39-year-old Simon Monjack was found dead Sunday night after authorities were summoned by his mother in law to the home he shared with his late wife Brittany Murphy.

Monjack, a screenwriter and British expat, wed Murphy in 2007. The couple attracted some controversy, and Monjack was blamed in part for Murphy’s dismissal from a film project a few weeks before her death.

The LA Times describes the scene:

At 9:24 p.m. Sunday, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a 911 call for an “unspecified medical aid request,” according to spokesman Brian Humphrey. Fire Department personnel provided medical services to Monjack, and he was pronounced dead, according to a Los Angeles police sergeant, who declined to give his name, at the Hollywood Station late Sunday night. The sergeant said detectives were arriving at the home.

Police “concluded there (were) no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved,” and natural causes are suspected in Monjack’s death. Natural causes were originally suspected in Murphy’s death last December, but reports later emerged that the starlet and Monjack were banned from several LA pharmacies. Anemia, pneumonia and multiple drug intoxication were found to be causes in Murphy’s “preventable death.