Obama Wins Election

Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

As at 10:30pm EST, Obama had 207 electoral votes needing 270 to win, with the West Coast not yet reporting. California, Oregon and Washington State have 73 votes between them, and are expected to support Obama by a large margin. Battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio that needed to have been won by McCain to have a chance to win are painted blue, and Florida is still too close to call, with Obama on 51% vs 48% for McCain with 69% of precincts reporting.

Video + pics to follow. The footage out of Chicago is amazing, with some reports of over 1 million people on the street to celebrate the Obama victory.

Update: at 11pm EST MSNBC has called it the election for Obama.

Update 2: CNN calls for Obama at 11:03pm EST.

Update 3: McCain concedes.

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