Child pushed and called n* lover by other child

This is just too damn sad to be happening in this day and age especially coming from children. Where the hell is the parenting in this. I’m doing a straight cut and paste from Rob Fahrni blog. Rob is the father of the little girl that was accosted by another child today

My daughter just came home from school with a massive headache, she gets them on occasion. On the ride home she tells my wife “We had a mock vote and a kid behind me saw I voted Obama. Then when we were on the way to the bus the kid pushed me and called me ‘N* Lover’.” You know what N* means, and it’s not nice.

I just got off the phone with the Principal and he said this has been happening a lot over the past week. He assured me the situation will be dealt with.

You don’t have to like Obama, you don’t have to support the man, but for heavens sake, don’t get violent over someone else supporting him. In this country we’re allowed to make a choice but that sort of behavior is simply Un-American. Men, and women, have given their lives unselfishly to afford us this wonderful honor. Don’t disgrace their memories with violence against one of your own.