Iran’s New President Rowhani, Moderate or Fanatic?

Iran’s new President, Hassan Rowhani enjoyed a solid victory over the weekend in the Iranian elections. He beat the other Presidential candidates and displaced outgoing extremest leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The victory of Iran’s new President led to massive, spontaneous celebrations on the streets of Tehran, the capital of Iran. The daily camera reports that chants of ‘Long live Rowhani’ could be heard from the thousands of jubilant supporters who took to the streets following the election results.

In his first public statement since the elections, Rowhani spoke to supporters and world media saying:

“New opportunity has been created, for those who truly respect democracy, interaction and free dialogue.” His statement is certainly a world away from the previous President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s worldview.

Ahmadinejad became notorious during his 8 year term for being a tyrant. He will be most ‘Fondly’ remembered for his speeches calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Ahmadinejad openly discussed his feelings on mass genocide and was condemned by world leaders from across the spectrum.

So is Iran’s new President Rowhani really a moderate as he is slated to be in media sources ? In a short interview on state television Rowhani said:

“I’ve never been an extremist. I support moderation.” He continued “I thank God that, once again, rationality and moderation has shined on Iran. This is the victory of wisdom, a victory of moderation and a victory of commitment over extremism”

Although the comments made by Iran’s new President are encouraging it remains to be seen how moderate he will be. It is also unclear what changes he will be allowed to make to reverse Iran’s aggressive nuclear program.


The nuclear program has crippled the countries economy due to heavy sanctions imposed on it by the world powers.

Do you think that Iran’s new President, Hassan Rowhani will bring peace and moderation to Iran and the middle east or do the Ayatollahs there have too much power over political decisions ? Your comments below