Fresh details and screens on extra Modern Warfare 2 maps

Only yesterday, I praised Activision for including five new maps in its next round of downloadable Modern Warfare 2 maps, rather than rehash some old arenas. Well, turns out my sources were wrong: two of the five maps in the ‘Resurgence Pack’ are actually from the first game, albeit with a little extra polish. Thus, Activision, you are once again utter douches.

With that out of the way, new shots and details of the maps have emerged. The old maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be Vacant and Strike. The new ones will be called Trailer Park, Carnival (pictured above, if you couldn’t guess) and Fuel. The Resurgence Pack is due to debut on Xbox Live on June 3.

Infinity Ward bigwig Robert Bowling gave an interview to Major Nelson, in which he described Trailer Park as a “super condensed” experience, Carnival as a “decimated amusement park” (possibly channeling Left 4 Dead 2‘s ‘Dark Carnival’ campaign), and Fuel as a “sniper haven,” a.k.a. the one you’ll never play because of the bitter frustration of being repeatedly sniped in the face.

Activision sent a selection of five new screens to the press – the first is above, the other four are – oh! – right here:

[Via VG247]