Zeta-Lux 2 LED Light Bulb, An Option That Won’t Cost $50

LED lightbulbs are beginning to appears in vast numbers lately, unfortunately many of those options are considered out of many users price rage ($50-100 per bulb). Now EarthLED has announced the Zeta-Lux 2 LED light bulb, a $25 option.

The Zeta-Lux 2 offers a color temperature of 2800k and consumes just 6 watts compared to a 50-watt equivalent LED bulb. The bulbs are also RoHS compliant, UL listed and FCC Approved.

Zeta-Lux bulbs can be purchased for $24.99 and are available now.

EarthLED also offers their “Pro version” with 7-watts and a 60-watt incandescent equivalent for $34.99. [MetaEfficient]

What do you think about a $25 LED lightbulb? Are they worth the buy or are you waiting for each bulb to drop to a few dollars each.