Make Your iPad Into A Netbook - Argh Stop It!

Dennis Bjørn Petersen

There is no end to the possibilities (and accessories) if you own an iPad. I'm currently testing a blutetooth keyboard and a candy cover (review coming soon). I haven't decided if it is useful or not yet, but this one is just ridiculous.

Why would you want to put your iPad in a case with a built-in keyboard? The ClamCase will basically turn your iPad into a netbook. What the heck is the purpose of this device?!

Some might argue you can use it as a notebook sometimes and as an iPad when it makes sense. Ok cool I love using multi-touch on things that stand up in front of a keyboard...

I'm sure this thing will have a purpose for some people or in some very rare cases, but it is the most "niched" product I have seen in a long time.

As a witty reader on Macrumors suggests someone should make one of these for the iPhone: