Cop busted for smoking up in his cruiser

Cops, come and try to snatch my crops…

Officer Wesley Lamb’s mellow was totally harshed when he recently got popped for smoking weed– in uniform, in his police car. An unidentified tipster totally narced on Lamb for the incident, and internal affairs set up a sting to catch the cop in further pothead behavior. An undercover officer posed as a private citizen wishing to turn in 86 grams of pot, and quite predictably, Lamb didn’t report the incident, nor did he turn the weed in as evidence.

Undercover officers then filmed Lamb moving the stash to his “personal vehicle.” Lamb was arrested, and is now free on $7500 bail. Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief addressed the incident in a statement following Lamb’s arrest:

On behalf of our City Council, everyone shares in the disappointment and frustration that one of our own police officers, sworn to uphold the law, has been arrested for possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. Let me be clear: Fort Worth has in the past, and will in the future, strongly support the honorable, heroic men and women who protect us and our neighborhoods. But, right is right and wrong is wrong. Those wearing the badge who choose to violate their oath or ignore the laws they are sworn to uphold will be revealed. They will not be the exception to the rules when they are the ones who are expected to set the example for the rest of us. They will be dealt with, swiftly and severely, and will not be welcome here in our city.

My thanks to Chief Halstead for his swift action in this matter and for his creation of the police department’s Special Investigations Unit. It conducted the investigation and undercover operation over the last two days. Our Chief has my full support. I look forward to continuing our work together with the City Manager, and his staff, to ensure our citizens’ safety and well-being.

Lamb resigned from the force Wednesday.