Pope Benedict Could Cancel Britain Visit Over “Offensive” Memo

Pope Benedict XVI could cancel the first papal visit to Britain in 28 years because of an “offensive” memo sent out by the British Foreign Office last week.

The memo was sent out in March following a “brainstorm” session by four junior Foreign Office staff who make up the Papal Visit Team.

The “official” memos suggests the Pope opening an abortion ward; spending the night in a council flat in Bradford; doing forward rolls with children to promote healthy living and performing a duet with the Queen (changing the British national anthem from God save the Queen to God save the world). The ideas doesn’t stop here.

The clever gentlemen suggests the Pope should launch a new brand of condoms called “Benedict”, the memo also proposed that the Pope should “announce sacking of dodgy bishops”, sponsor a network of AIDS clinics, bless a gay marriage and conduct a training course for bishops on child abuse allegations.

The Papal Visit Team did note that the document shouldn’t be shared and that some of the ideas were far-fetched. Members of them team have now been relocated to other duties, while the official Britain are busy apoligising to the Vatican.

I will not get into any religious discussion, but I do find a few of the “ideas” rather amusing.

The “official” memo