2010 NFL Draft review: St. Louis Rams

So, let us start our review of the 2010 NFL Draft. Initial grades are given on need, talent, and overall ranking by the major draft publications out there. If a team reaches for a player they get a lower grade because they are less likely to work out, if a team drafted a player that wasn’t among their primary needs they get a lower grade. If a team did something totally crazy they get a low grade. As always the grades are subject to change, and when we do our one year review next year they will have changed some.

So the Rams landed a potential franchise QB with the first overall pick in Sam Bradford. In the second round, they picked up OT Rodger Saffold to protect him. In the third round, they picked up CB Jerome Murphy, in the 4th they landed WR Mardy Gilyard the WR from Cincinnati. For grading purposes we only look at the first four rounds, because bad teams have to nail these selections to get better.

Based on these criteria I will assign the Rams a grade broken down the following way:

•Talent- A
•Round One- B Bradford is a risky QB prospect
•Round Two- A Saffold was a projected first round pick
•Round Three- A Murphy had a first round grade, and is a fine prospect
•Round Four- B+ Gilyard has a lot of potential
•Average- A

This grade has a lot of potential to go up, Bradford need to become a top five QB in the NFL within the next five NFL seasons, or this draft class grade will go way down. For now they took a chance and addressed their needs, a few days post draft that is all we can ask for.

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