CNN accidentally airs mean parody in report on Lane Bryant ad

This week, we posted about the controversy that ensued when ABC allegedly refused to air a mildly racy spot for Lane Bryant Cacique featuring gorgeous plus sized model, Ashley Graham.

As the story became viral online, ABC denied that Lane Bryant’s Cacique brand was being treated differently than their skinnier sister, Victoria’s Secret. And NPR did an excellent job of pointing out why ABC are bunch of total hypocrites if they truly did apply different standards to the Ashley Graham ad. But ABC wasn’t the only major station to behave insensitively during the brouhaha.

Below is a clip from CNN that illustrates why you should watch a YouTube video in its entirety before posting it on your blog or news site or running it on your TV station. A daytime CNN host unwittingly introduces what is not actually the controversial Lane Bryant ad, but a parody mocking chubby chicks. (Below that is the original parody clip, which is somewhat clearer.)

Really, really cruel to plus sized women, CNN. The McRib hasn’t been available for years!