Pic: Curvy Lane Bryant model Ashley Graham speaks out about ABC ban

Curvaceous lingerie model Ashley Graham spoke to press about the controversy swirling around the banning of a plus-size lingerie ad from a slot during ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

James posted earlier this week about decision by ABC to cut the commercial down significantly and then reject it altogether. He cited a post by Lane Bryant that called ABC out on the “double standard”:

“While it’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret ‘The Nakeds’ ads are prancing around on major networks leaving little to the imagination, steaming up TV screens and baring nearly everything but their souls, our sultry siren who shows sophisticated sass is somehow deemed inappropriate … Does this smack of a double standard? Yep. It does to us, too.”

ABC denies the allegations, and says that the plus-size clothier is trolling for attention:

“…their statements are not true,” said ABC Vice President Julie Hoover. “We were willing to accommodate them, but they chose to seek publicity.”

However, Lane Bryant says the proposed edits would have “gutted” the spot. It’s also hard to believe much editing was necessary from the channel that airs the Victoria’s Secret runway show since if you’ve seen the ad, it’s relatively tame. Graham was upbeat when she spoke to the Post about the drama:

Graham, 22, said she doesn’t hold a grudge against ABC. In fact, she believes the network did plus-sized gals like her an unintended favor by putting the issue front and center.

“Let’s face it, America is getting bigger, and women want to see themselves instead of the image of what society says they should be,” she said.

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