2009 NFL Draft one year later: Dallas Cowboys

While many simply dismiss Jerry Jones as a goofball, his record in the draft is actually pretty good. Of course t hat is if we do not count the 2009 draft class that failed to return immediate dividends. They traded out of the first two rounds and went the quantity route over the quality route. The Cowboys drafted 12 players in 2009, and beyond the kick off abilities K David Buehler’ kick off ability, and TE John Phillip’s pass catching potential, that got next to nothing in this draft.

A quick look at the Cowboys 2009 draft class:

  • Round Three (69)- Jason Williams LB
  • Round Three (75)- Robert Brewster T
  • Round Four (101)- Stephen McGee QB
  • Round Four (110)- Victor Butler LB
  • Round Four (120)- Brandon Williams LB
  • Round Five (143)- De Angelo Smith DB
  • Round Five (166)- Michael Hamlin S
  • Round Six (197)- Stephen Hodge LB
  • Round Six (208)- John Phillips TE
  • Round Seven (227)- Mike Mickens DB
  • Round Seven (229)- Manuel Johnson WR

Jerry is making it hard on me to say it does better than average in teh draft with this stinker of a draft class. We could say that it has lots of upside, and it probably does but they got next to nothing to help the team in the now. This team did not make the Super Bowl so it came a short; I wonder if adding a difference maker in the draft would have put them over the top. We will never know that, but one year out this draft gets a failing grade.

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