June 16, 2013
2009 NFL Draft one year later: Cincinnati Bengals

If it were not for their second round pick, which should be labeled felony robbery, the 2009 draft of the Bengals would be about a big, a disaster as one could imagine. It seems to me that the lack of a true General Manger hinders this team's ability to make solid moves in the draft. Their second round pick was a no brainer, and they may have gotten a good value in the third, but one year later I am still very skeptical about the 20009 draft of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Let us take a look at their draft:

1.Round One (6)- Andre Smith OT2.Round Two (38)- Rey Maualaga LB3.Round Three (70)- Michael Johnson DE4.Round Three (98)- Chase Coffman TE5.Round Four (106)- Jonathan Luigs C6.Round Five (142)- Kevin Huber P7.Round Six (179)- Morgan Trent DB8.Round Six (209)- Bernard Scott RB9.Round Seven (215)- Fui Vakapuna RB10.Round Seven (249)- Clinton McDonald DT11.Round Seven (252)- Freddie Brown WR

With 11 draft picks the Bengals should have gotten more out of this draft. Sure they hit a home run with Maualuga in the second, no doubt. However Smith's season was a washout after holding out, and let us not forget this is a guy who decided on the most important day of his life at the NFL Scouting Combine to just leave, without telling anyone. While he was once a highly rated prospect, he has big character issues that could make him the perfect Bengal if he could get his weight under control, and not suffer from injuries.

I want to be a lot harsher on them, but the Maualuga saves the draft for them. If Smith can fix his issues and contribute it gets even better for the Bengals. It also looks like Coffman could be the pass catching TE their offense needs to stretch the field. Johnson played in every game and has the chance to be part of a future Bengals D line. One year out they get a solid B.

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