British man arrested for drunk driving Barbie jeep

Be careful when drinking while modding.

A 40-year-old British man was arrested for driving a tinkered with old Barbie Jeep while intoxicated, even though the toy vehicle tops out at 4 miles an hour. Paul Hutton, who is six feet tall, was squished into the tiny car driving the short distance to a neighbor’s house when police pulled him over at 9pm on April 4th. Hutton says:

The police car came up alongside me and the officer said “Are you all right there, mate?”‘ he said.

‘When I tried to talk I realised how drunk I was. A lot of burble came out.

‘There was a dispute at first between the officers on the phone as to what the legalities of it were. Then they decided I was to be done for drink driving.

‘I was taken to Clacton police station and breathalysed. Then I was taken to the cells. I was released at about 5.30am.

‘I really didn’t realise I should be doing it. I knew it was daft but I didn’t realise it was a criminal thing to do.’

Hutton was in court today for the offense. Due to a previous conviction of driving while intoxicated in the past ten years, he was banned from driving for three years and given a 12 month conditional release.