‘World War Z’ $50 ‘Mega Ticket’ Lets You See The Movie Early

Interested in seeing World War Z two days early? Paramount Pictures has just the deal for you.

Moviegoers who are eager to catch the Brad Pitt zombie flick a couple of days before the general public can plurge on a so-called $50 “mega ticket” that grants you early access to the movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pricey World War Z package is currently available in five cities. The studio teamed up with the folks at Regal Entertainment Group to offer this deal to rabid fans who simply cannot wait to feast their eyes on the long-delayed blockbuster.

Your $50 “mega ticket” also gets you a few perks that won’t be available to general audiences. In addition free popcorn and a limited-edition poster, those who pony up the cash to see World War Z early will also receive a digital copy of the flick as soon as it becomes available.

Regal Entertainment Group chief marketing officer Ken Thewes said in a recent statement:

“Regal is pleased to offer this ultimate fan event at five locations in conjunction with our partners at Paramount Pictures. The interest and anticipation for Brad Pitt’s latest thriller is at a fever pitch and this World War Z mega ticket offers a unique experience for our patrons.”

Movie Talk reports World War Z fans living in or around the Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Diego areas will be able to participate in Paramount’s event. Should the $50 “mega ticket” prove popular, the studio intends to incorporate such a package into the release of all of their top-tier movies.


Mega ticket buyers aren’t the only people with early access to the Brad Pitt zombie movie. The San Francisco 49ers were treated to a screening of the flick prior to the start of minicamp.

World War Z opens in theaters everywhere on June 21. Would you spend $50 for a “mega ticket” that allows you watch the movie two days early?