Johnny Depp Falls Off His Horse During Filming Of ‘The Lone Ranger’ [PHOTO]

Actors sometimes have to ride horses and accidents can happen. Johnny Depp, fell off his horse while filming a sequence for his upcoming movie The Lone Ranger.

Johnny can obviously ride a horse, but in this instance you can see how he was galloping along co-star Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) and suddenly he falls off and is seen being dragged by the horse.

A scary moment for the star, but the cast was at the ready for this eventuality and jumped in to help Depp. The crew also included a group of medics who rushed to the scene instantly.

Luckily for all involved he was able to walk away from the fall with only a bruise on his stomach and ultimately, being the person he is, laughed off the incident.

“I would say that the positive thing is… my coccyx didn’t take it,” says Depp to director Gore Verbinski, a statement made all the funnier as it was said while the actor was in his full Tonto costume and makeup.

Johnny Depp first mentioned the incident earlier in April, at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where he, director Verbinski, co-star Armie Hammer, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer first talked about the hazards of making The Lone Ranger.”

“This is definitely the most dangerous movie I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with Michael Mann,” said Depp, referring to his portrayal of gangster John Dillinger in Mann’s “Public Enemies” (2009). “Staying alive on a horse that’s moving at high speed… that was the greatest challenge.”

Jerry Bruckheimer added that audiences are so sophisticated nowadays that they can spot a fake rider, so the actors are forced to do, at least some of the scenes.


Johnny Depp falls of the horse.

It remains to be seen if the dangers were worth all the blood, sweat, and bruises when The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer ride into theaters on July 3.

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