Paris Hilton Admits She is a Boyfriend Stealer

In a surprisingly honest interview Paris Hilton has admitted she and Good Charlotte band member, Benji Madden fell in love, when baby Harlow Richie-Madden was born. Harlow is the daughter of her best friend Nicole Richie and Madden’s twin brother Joel.

The Sunday Telegraph did the math, and have discovered that this was six weeks prior to Benji Madden’s break up with new Hollywood it girl, Sophie Monk.

“Ever since Harlow was born I was over playing with her and visiting Nicole and Joel – and we just fell in love right away,”

So she hooked up with Benji, and it “felt so right because like, they have been, like, friends, for. ever.”

What. Ever. Paris, is a boyfriend stealer and Benji Madden is a love rat.

Does anyone care? Sophie probably doesn’t. Sophie Monk is hotter than Paris Hilton (at least we think so because she has been known known to eat a sandwich) and there are rumours she is gettin’ some lovin’ from Adam Levine from Maroon Five. And Adam Levine kinks Benji Maddens ass in the hottness stakes.