McDonald’s Chinese Menu Items Blasted With Extreme Prejudice By Reviewers

McDonald’s restaurants in China have caved to popular demand and added a number of rice dishes to the menu. The problem? They suck.

Almost everyone figured that the McDonald’s Chinese menu items would be a risky bet, with many mocking the dishes before they even had a chance to sample them. Shanghaiist’s Food Editor Ben Cost, for instance, said that his time was better spent sampling “more obscure dishes.”

But there was one big food critic who was brave enough to try the new dishes. Valentina Luo of That’s Beijing is at the front of the region’s incredibly negative reviews with a sublime little piece on McDonald’s Rice Fun Wrap.

She writes:

“If you take a look inside the Rice Fun Wrap (and if you do, a warning: the whole thing will fall apart instantly and irrevocably), it looks 
like a vegetarian hand-roll with a slice of chicken someone accidentally dropped in the kitchen. ‘What shall we do with this chicken I dropped, boss?’ ‘That’s our new Chinese menu, son.’ “

Not very flattering. The rice was a particular point of contention, and caused her to throw out the wrap before she was even half-way through.

“I had the bitter-salty taste in my mouth hours afterwards, even though I only took two bites before I threw the thing.”

She ended her negative review with this little barb:

“Seriously, McDonald’s, 2,000 years of gastronomic genius and this is how you treat my country’s ancient cuisine? Next time CCTV tries to shake you down, I’m actually going to take their side: that’s what you’ve done to me, my culinary heritage and my goddamn dinner plans.”


Suffice it to say, McDonald’s Chinese endeavors have fallen flat with food critics. We’ll let you know how the sales are when we see the numbers.