Florida Deck Collapses Injuring Dozens At Shucker’s

A Florida deck collapsed, injuring dozens at Shucker’s Bar Grill in North Bay Village. Patrons were watching the Miami Heat game when the deck suddenly collapsed. More than 30 people were injured as they were dropped into Biscayne Bay.

The deck at Shucker’s is a popular hang-out for watching the game while having a drink or dining. The deck was packed last night as patrons were enjoying the basketball game with their friends.

As reported by First Coast News, the party came to an abrupt stop around 9:45 pm. Some witnesses report hearing “a crack,” others say it sounded like a “freight train.” The Florida deck collapsed, sending the stunned patrons into the Biscayne Bay.

The water is shallow where the deck collapsed, allowing people to stand with their heads above the water. However, deck furniture and scattered wood caused numerous injuries and made the rescue challenging.

Rescue workers responded to the scene with a dive team and helicopters. A total of 33 injuries were reported and 24 were taken to local hospitals. A majority of the injuries included cuts and bruising. Luckily, nobody was killed when the Florida deck collapsed.

As reported by WSVN, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat expressed his concern in a post-game interview:

“I’d like to share our concerns as an organization and our gratitude to our fans back in Miami… for all that were injured tonight at Shucker’s restaurant.”

Lieutenant Eugene Germain, of the Miami Dade Fire Department, stated that only two of the injuries are considered serious. Additionally, he pointed out that the deck is inspected annually by the fire department. He did not have any information about the results of prior inspections.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the Florida deck collapse. An evening of fun turned into a tragedy. Thankfully nobody was killed.

[Image via Flickr]