Four Killed In St. Louis Shooting

4:50 Update

St. Louis Police Captain Michael Sack has made a statement about the shooting. The victims were reportedly between 40 and 55-years-old. The shooter, who worked in the building, reportedly argued with one of the victims.

As reported by KSDK, a semi-automatic handgun, thought to be the weapon, was recovered from the scene.

4: 35 Update

Authorities are now reporting that the St. Louis shooting was a murder-suicide. The four people killed include one shooter and three victims.

Initial Report

Four were killed in a St. Louis shooting this afternoon. Authorities in Missouri report that someone inside the Cherokee Place Business Incubator opened fire, shooting four people.

As reported by KFOR, the building is now surrounded by police and emergency rescue personnel. Law enforcement on scene report that the shooter killed two men and two women. Police have not released any information about the identity of the shooter or their whereabouts.

The shooter’s motive for killing the four people is currently under investigation. The business, on the 2700 block of Cherokee Street, happened just before 2:00 pm.

As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the building has been evacuated and authorities are currently conducting interviews with witnesses. Several witnesses state that they observed police taking one man and two women into custody. It is unknown whether they are witnesses or suspects. A spokesman from the St. Louis Police department has denied that anyone is in custody.

Police have reportedly recovered a gun from the scene.

The Cherokee Place Business Incubator is rented out as a “live-work” space. Several independent businesses operate within the 4,000 square foot building. The building’s owner Will Liebermann, owns several buildings and businesses in the surrounding area.

Authorities have confirmed that four people were killed, but little else is known about the incident. Updates will follow as more information is available.