Danielle Powell Expelled For Being A Lesbian

Danielle Powell was one semester away from her graduation when she was expelled from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska because she was in a same-sex relationship.

Grace University is a ‘premier Midwest Christian college’ according to Daily Mail.

Powell has now been told that she must repay the university $6,300 in grants that the school had originally given her.

Powell was already a student at the university when she began her first same-sex relationship, and before that she had never identified as a lesbian.

When the school found out that Power was engaging in this type of relationship, Daily Mail said Powell was brought before a judiciary board that would decide if she would be allowed to remain at the school.

Powell was told she was going to be suspended for the remainder of the fall semester, and that in order for her to be allowed to finish her education at Grace University, she must participate in a restoration program that involved counseling and regular church attendance.

While Powell initially agreed to these demands, she decided not to follow through shortly before the start of her final semester because she was still dating women.

Powell told Huffington Post, “They were doing a witch hunt, calling around to see if I was in a same-sex relationship.”

Michael James, executive vice president at Grace, told Powell in a letter (a copy of which was giving to HuffPost),

“that she was being ‘deceitful’ and said it would be ‘unethical’ for the university to readmit her since it ‘would be impossible for the faculty of Grace University to affirm your Christian character, a requirement for degree conferral.’”

After all was said and done, Powell began looking into other universities to finish her education just to find out that Grace University would not transfer her credits until she repays them the grants that they awarded her.

Daily Mailreported that in order to protest at what she views an unfair victimization of Powell, her wife, Michelle Rogers, has launched an online petition calling for the university to drop its demand.

The petition has already gained over 16,000 signatures since it was launched for Danielle Powell, who was expelled from Grace University for being a lesbian.

[Image via Huffington Post]