‘You Are My Sunshine’, Hospitalized Man Sings To Wife

James Pinegar, an 86-year-old hospitalized man wanted to show how much his wife, Colleen Pinegar, meant to him; so he sang “You Are My Sunshine” to let her know just how he felt about her.

The video of Pinegar singing “You Are My Sunshine” to his wife has the internet in tears, as he sings to her from his hospital bed.

The Huffington Post reported the reason Pinegar was hospitalized was because of “an act of neighborliness unfortunately backfired.”

Linda Whitaker, daughter of the Pinegar’s, told the Huffington Post in an email that while helping a 90-year-old neighbor who had fallen on the ice, James fell as well. The fall led to hip replacement surgery, “and then while in the hospital he got a blood infection.

It was the blood infection that worried Pinegar, and according to Today.com, Pinegar had worried that his time may have been running short.

In the video, Pinegar can be heard asking his wife to “come closer,” because “This is special to me,” after which he began to sing her “their song” which of course she joined in singing too.

Whitaker told Today.com that:

“My dad is very sentimental and having gotten this blood infection felt his life was short, and that song is their theme song. I had my son put it on (YouTube) so family and friends could see his great love for my mom.”

The video can be seen below:

Just as the person at the end of the video states, “Now I need a tissue,” many over the internet say the same things.

After 66 years, this is a beautiful thing to see. Comments all over the internet seem to agree that this is a good example of what “love” is.

“He and my mom are getting along pretty well,’’ Whitaker told Today.com. “He has been humbled by how much people have liked the video.”

Whitaker also told Huffington Post that “They (James and Colleen) have had fun sharing it with people and have loved the responses.”

This little rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” has made headlines all over the internet, what do you think of this emotion-packed video?

[Image via Shutterstock/Monika Gniot ]