Fox Host Tells Anti-Islam Leader ‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Fox host, Brian Kilmeade, has told a neo-fascist group, the English Defense League, ‘We’ve got your back’.

Only after 15 minutes of interviewing leader of the group, Tommy Robinson, Kilmeade exclaimed:

“Well Tommy, we’ve got your back and we’ll definitely look to keep in touch. I really think it’s a very — it’s great, what you’re doing.”

Kilmeade isn’t the first Fox News host to give tasteless remarks surrounding dangerous activities; Gregg Jarrett also made himself a target for criticism after remarking that a killer’s weight gain was punishment enough.

These series of remarks further cement the questionable commentary that Fox News displays, particularly when readers recall the advice given to punch Obama voters.

Furthermore, at the end of the interview, Robinson was allowed to openly plug the need to support his organization without any counteraction by Kilmeade: “Give us your support and God bless!”

The comment that was made on Kilmeade’s radio show has raised concerns across both sides of the Atlantic.

However, it wasn’t just the familiar Fox host that had people complaining; 24 hours after Kilmeade and Friends aired the interview, BBC Radio had a backlash of angry listeners to contend with.

Their interview with Robinson had also failed to question the EDL’s actions towards different ethnicities.

The complaints across the Internet, particularly on Twitter, have involved a lot of MPs questioning the conduct of such interviews.

A British Labour candidate had this to say:

“That interview did not constitute scrutiny, […] Unchallenged lies and hatred poison our national debate.”

The EDL have consistently caused numerous debates surrounding racial hatred since their formation in 2009; however, due to recent events, the group has been protesting and spreading its message more than ever.

The neo-fascist group tends to target Muslim-majority areas, which has them heavily pitted against anti-fascist groups such as Unite Against Fascism and hackers group Anonymous.

Despite all the evidence placed against them, the EDL stress that they’re a non-racist group.

However, when you listen to the commentary Robinson was allowed to voice while in the company of Fox host, Kilmeade, it seems that the EDL are lying about their opinions:

“This silent jihad that’s going on, this silent takeover and planning to take over and implement Sharia, they’re the one’s I’m terrified of. They’re actually sitting around tables of government. They’re actually in positions of power. They’ve infiltrated major positions across the whole entire government. And I say, don’t listen to what we’re saying. Listen to what they’re saying. They’re openly telling us they want to take over the country.”

Regardless of your stance on the EDL and its morals, the fact remains that a well known Fox host has openly offered his support to a neo-fascist UK group.

[Image via The Raw Story]