French Teacher Shows Horror Movie ‘Saw’ To 11-year-olds

A French math teacher is in trouble for showing the horror movie Saw to his 11-year-old students.

The teacher at College Jean-Baptiste Clément in Colombes, Paris apparently thought it would be a good idea to show this gruesome flick to the children, and he was suspended for it.

Classes were cut short due to meetings, so the teacher thought that the horror flick would keep students entertained for a while. “This will be your first horror film,” he reportedly told the class.

But many of the children were very disturbed by the movie. One boy was particularly disturbed by the horror flick. “He returned from school on Monday evening, visibly in some discomfort, not well,” his dad said. “I asked him and he told me his teacher had shown them a horror film during class.”

The father became so upset that he brought the issue up to school authorities. “We’re in the process of seeing what sort of legal measures we might be able to take in this case,” said Jean-François Launay of the Federation of Students’ Parents Councils.

The horror movie plot revolved around a masked killer who forces his victims to perform violence on themselves and others as part of a sick and sadistic game. It is considered one of the scariest and most gruesome movies of recent times.

The French teacher isn’t the only teacher who has showed young students inappropriate movies lately. Just last month, a Georgia teacher reportedly showed movies like Ted and The Campaignto his 6th grader students.

Inga Wheeler eventually complained to the principal about the 25-year-old teacher’s actions. “I got to speak out. You know, this is wrong,” she said.

Do you think the math teacher at College Jean-Baptiste Clément should get in trouble for his actions? Or do you think everyone is making it too much of a big deal?

[Image via Shuttershock]