'Graceland' USA Network's New Original Show Premieres

Patricia Didelot

From executive producer Jeff Eastin comes the newest member of the USA Network family Graceland, a drama about two government agents that fight drug trafficking. Graceland is the name of the California beach front home in which several agents from different branches are housed.

There are six undercover agents from FBI, DEA, and US Customs that room together in the mansion, which was seized from a drug lord who was obsessed with The King, Elvis Presley (who's home is called Graceland).

There's a frat boy ambiance at the house, where the men like to have fun and frolic in the sun, but, when it comes down to doing their job, they are top notch professionals. The setting serves as the balance for the dark stories that the show will explore with it's nice decor and sandy beach as backdrop.

The introduction of the characters comes from the perspective of the newest addition to Graceland, Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit, Les Mis). He is there to replace an injured agent and is received with less than friendly attitudes, much like college boys.

But it's all for show, and we learn that the group of guys living at the house are all great fellows. Mike's interest is particularly piqued by Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata, The Dark Knight Rises), a legendary FBI agent who doesn't play by the rules but always seems to come out on top.

Paul makes it hard for Mike, he is not easy to get to know, and it will be weeks or even seasons before his secrets are revealed.

This is a series where there is no shortage of testosterone, so it should be a good show for the ladies to enjoy, but, of course, it has all the action the guys like as well. Some fun in the sun round things up perfectly.

Graceland premiered last week and airs 10/9c only on USA, characters welcome. Are you watching?

[Image via USA Network]