Justin Bieber Tells Fans To Hunt For ‘Heartbreaker,’ Then Ends Leak Rumor

Justin Bieber sent excited ripples through his fan base last week when he teased “Heartbreaker,” his upcoming single along with artwork and a message that it was “… coming soon.”

Eight days later, the 19-year-old then posted another Instagram that seemed to suggest “soon” had come round rather quickly, when he told fans:

“Heartbreaker is on the Internet somewhere find it.”

As it turns out, it seems Bieber was actually clearing up a false leak rumor.

“What’s Right, What’s Wrong?,” a song performed and written by an artist called Khalil Underwood, had been deliberately touted as a leaked “Heartbreaker” demo.

Within days of Bieber’s “Heartbreaker” announcement, multiple YouTube users and fake JustinBieberVevo accounts uploaded Underwood’s track claiming it was a version of the Canadian star’s soon-to-be unveiled single.

Apparently some fans even thought an upcoming Bieber track featuring Young Money rapper Tyga could be the single. To see an unofficial video tease of that song click here.

But unless artists have given up singing the song title in the chorus, this seems highly unlikely. In addition, the Tyga feature is not scheduled for release until later this year.

An indignant Underwood hit back on June 11 in a half-rant/ half-explanation YouTube post that can be seen above. Shirtlessly, he reveals users downloaded his 2012 song “What’s wrong, What’s Right?” from one of his mixtapes and re-uploaded it with Bieber’s “Heartbreaker” artwork.

In the clip Underwood actually asks Bieber to help clear up the confusion.

And it seems the ubiquitous teen singer was listening, or is that watching?

After posting the Instagram telling fans “Heartbreaker” was somewhere on the web, in hindsight it looks like this was Bieber’s tongue-in-cheek way of dealing with the leak rumor.

Justin Bieber Clears Up Heartbreaker Leak Mystery

Just hours later, Bieber posted a follow-up message on Twitter which read:

The vevo account is fake. Not even me singing

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) June 12, 2013

So it looks like it’s back to waiting for Bieber to release his now insanely anticipated “Heartbreaker” when it’s actually ready. What a novel concept.