Potential Juror For George Zimmerman Trial Lying To Get Place On Jury Panel?

Cassie Boss

A potential juror at the George Zimmerman trial who told the court he had little knowledge of the case apparently indicated otherwise on social media sites according to ABC News.

The potential juror (E7), who described himself as an "underemployed" musician and painter, had apparently told the court that he did not have a lot of prior knowledge about the case when it first happened.

Susan Constantine, a jury consultant, told ABC News, "This is a very high-profile trial, so who wouldn't want to sit on it? It's one reason we get people who would love to be in the position of being that one juror in the middle of all the limelight they never had before."

Most adults who have had to take their turn with jury duty knows that, in most cases, you will not be picked to sit on a jury in which you have extended knowledge about the alleged crime.

The point to a trial is so that the defendant can have a fair and impartial judgment passed on them. They cannot have jurors who have biased opinions sitting on the jury panel because it would give the prosecution an unfair advantage.

ABC News, reported that when the assistant state attorney, Bernie De La Rionda, first questioned potential juror E7 this morning, he asked whether the prospective juror was exposed to the case in February 2012 or whether he kept up with it. E7 answered, "No."

And when the potential juror was asked if he knew anything else about the case besides what was on his questionnaire, he responded by saying "Hmm. To be strictly honest, it's hard to remember."

Questions similar to those were asked repeatedly of the potential juror, and he kept answering in the same fashion.

An ABC News search of the Facebook page revealed that a person resembling E7 wrote on March 21, 2012, the same date as on the court record, an inflammatory comment in response to a posting about the case touting the site www.justicefortrayvonmartin.com.

Besides vowing that justice was coming, the Facebook comment apparently by the prospective juror alleged a conspiracy involving Zimmerman and local police.

ABC News reported that the comment read:

"With the noise WE made…it couldn't be covered up. I only hope the Feds go farther than just THIS case in investigating This 'Police Force.'…"

ABC Newsthen made note that the comment subsequently vanished from the Facebook thread.

Image via New York Times