Foursquare Cops: Because everyone hates a Foursquare cheater

If you’ve got a few friends on Foursquare, you might see the occasional check-in that can’t possibly be happening, and perhaps it makes you really pissed off.

Target is totally not open at 3:30 in the morning. Or someone’s just checked into the code-named location for your mom’s house and that person is so not friends with your mom. Foursquare has taken recent measures to curb rampant cheating in the game (which if you’re not a player, has no prizes and scant benefits anyway) but Foursquare users still freak out about the possibility of stolen mayorships and general in-game lying liars.

Foursquare seems to lend itself well to web parodies. First there was the Foursquare in-joke laden “Badges Like Us,” a riff on TI’s “Swagga Like Us.” Now a web comedy series has done a Foursquare version of Cops. In addition to the angry soon-to-be-ousted coffeeshop mayor (“He’s trying to steal my mayorship!”), the clip takes digs at Gowalla “losers” (“…oh, I gotta leave a cup of popcorn…“) and people who are blatant with their Foursquare cheating.

“How do you like this badge, bitch?”