Mastectomy Photos Allowed By New Facebook Policy

Mastectomy Photos are allowed in a new Facebook policy clarification. In response to a petition signed by 20,000 Facebook users, the social media giant has decided to clarify their policy. Their previous exclusion of mastectomies sparked outrage worldwide.

In a written statement, Facebook representatives explained that it has never specifically banned photos of mastectomy. However, they admit that the photos were sometimes removed as they were reported offensive. They further state that sometimes photos are simply removed by mistake as their team is tasked with reviewing millions of images on a daily basis.

As reported by Yahoo, the petition was started on The petition asked Mark Zuckerberg directly to consider allowing pictures of men and women with mastectomies to post pictures. They contend that the pictures raise awareness of the reality of breast cancer. Something they assert cannot be acknowledged with a “pink ribbon.”

Mastectomy photos will be allowed by Facebook’s new policy, however photos of exposed breasts, in the absence of the removal surgery, will still be excluded.

Facebook issued an official statement on the policy changes:

“We agree that undergoing a mastectomy is a life-changing experience and that sharing photos can help raise awareness about breast cancer and support the men and women facing a diagnosis, undergoing treatment, or living with the scars of cancer. The vast majority of these kinds of photos are compliant with our policies.”

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, The initial petition was started by Scorchy Barrington, a survivor of Stage IV breast cancer. For her and many other breast cancers the fact that mastectomy photos will be allowed on Facebook is a major victory.

Women and man who have the courage to display their scars, and stories of recovery, will continue to raise awareness. Early detection of breast cancer remains the most important factor in survival.

As the mastectomy photos will be allowed by Facebook, women and men can now utilize social media to spread awareness.

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