England’s Homeless Taking To The Caves

England’s homeless are taking to the caves for shelter during this time of continued economic crises.

MsnNOW states “Investigators have found people nesting within a network of sandstone caves in Stockport after homeless numbers increased by 42 percent in the last year, overwhelming local shelters.”

Reports say that “up to four people at a time have been sleeping rough in the secret warren – perched on a 20ft precipice overhanging the Mersey – just yards from public view.”

Jonathan Billings, from homelessness charity Wellspring says that the number of people turning up each day for support has risen drastically from about 60 or 70 to nearly 140 in the last three years.

He goes on to say that there has been a particular surge in the middle class, stating “affluent people who worked for years only to suddenly lose everything in the downturn.”

Daily Mail reported:

“The financial crisis and subsequent devastating recession have depressed economic growth and driven up unemployment to 7.8 percent.

“However, the cost of living has continued to rise along with house prices, meaning more people than ever before are being reduced to temporary accommodation or even forced onto the street.

“In London, homelessness rose by 16 percent over the year 2012-13, while parts of Greater Manchester saw rises of as much as 40 percent.”

Billings stated that when people have it rough, they tend to turn to dangerous places for their basic necessity of shelter.

He went on to say, “I know of people who have fallen into the river. Sometimes kids come down and set fire to their sleeping bags when they’re in them.”

It’s not that difficult to believe that the people of England (and other places for that matter!) would resort to living in caves when they are either turned away from shelters or simply can’t afford to put shelter over their heads.

It would seem like it’s the time has come to start working on safer alternatives for the homeless cave dwellers of England.

[Image via Frrole]