Woman Jailed For Terrifying Neighborhood Kids, Donned Nightmarish Garb

A Missouri woman has been jailed, accused of threatening children in her Lincoln County neighborhood with a chainsaw like a Leatherface wannabe from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

As though out of some horrible B-rate slasher-flick, one woman decided to don the nightmarish garb of an open-faced ski mask and carried the intimidating accessory of a chainsaw in an effort to terrify a few neighborhood children, who in the past she believed had thrown rocks at her home.

Now Lynn Marie Herzog faces up to four years in jail for her little stunt if convicted, but some people have suggested perhaps a mental health facility may be more befitting considering her behavior.

On Sunday, the 50-year-old Lincoln County woman was arrested after reports were made of her approaching and threatening several neighborhood boys with a chainsaw.

Nearby residents witnessed Herzog as she screamed and cursed at a group of juveniles, wielding a chainsaw as she did so. She had been trimming a storm-fallen tree prior to the confrontation.

Neighbor Patty Fleming witnessed the incident. “I come out of my door and hear her screaming at the kids. The boys start walking and she starts walking towards them with her skull mask and her chain saw, shaking it like she was going to hurt the kids.”

Another neighbor, Lesa Vossenkemper, noted she had filed for a protection order after years of intimidation against her 28-year-old, mentally disabled son from Herzog.

Others allege the woman has a disturbing history of videotaping and photographing kids in the neighborhood – likely out of paranoia and not out of something more illicit.

Authorities don’t believe the children were in any real danger. Although the saw was not running at the time Herzog allegedly aggressed the kids, she has still been charged with felony harassment of children under 17 and retained on a $10,000 bond.

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