Amanda Bynes’ Dad Gets Early Father’s Day Tweet And It’s ‘Ugly’

Amanda Bynes has attacked her own father in her latest whackadoo tweet. On Tuesday night she briefly posted a photo of a perfectly normal-looking older guy and invited us all to point fingers and laugh. Just in time for an early Father’s Day, she tweeted this inspiring message: “Ha ha look at how ugly my dad’s face is!”

Really? It’s just a face, honey. It’s got a few years on it, but c’mon. All of us are getting older every day.

The sad truth is that Amanda Bynes has been on a tear to call out pretty much everybody she can think of for being ugly. Heck, another writer for The Inquisitr did an extended report earlier today on her multiple attacks calling Drake ugly. That poor man has become the punchline of so many Amanda Bynes jokes that he probably wishes he’d never met her.

The attacks on stars like Rihanna or Lance Bass are just plain flaky. However, the attack on her own father — only days before Father’s Day — are a bit much even for the most dedicated fans.

The fans hated it, and there were dozens of fast replies telling her that she’d gone too far. Perez Hilton even kindly told her that she should consider dropping the word “ugly” from her vocabulary because it was “played out.”

I agree. It’s getting old.

And maybe Amanda Bynes herself has had some second thoughts about the posting, because it has now been removed from her Twitter feed — along with the dozens of replies from concerned fans.

But you know how it goes. Once it’s on the internet, there’s always some evil-doer around to make a screen capture, and your comment lives forever. So here’s the Amanda Bynes dad tweet in all its ugly glory:

Amanda Bynes dad

Here’s a previous Twitter rant where Amanda Bynes said she’d rather see her parents homeless than help them out financially:

Amanda BYnes parents

I don’t know a thing about him, but I admit it. At the moment, I feel a little sad for Amanda Bynes’ dad.

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