Click-throughs on Promoted Tweets not living up to expectations

One of the on-going topics of discussion surrounding the whole social media game is how is Twitter actually going to start making the serious money it needs to in order to justify the large amounts of money that have been invested in it.

The most obvious avenue has always been advertising but the problem Twitter has faced is how to go down that road without alienating its growing user base.

The one idea that the company has been pursuing is the one of Promoted Tweets which allows company's to buy Twitter ad messages which then are placed within the Trends and now the Who To Follow areas of the Twitter home page.

According to two stories on Investors'com however it would seem that these Promoted Tweets aren't living up to expectations.

The first story written by Pete Barlas quotes ad exec Hillary Bressler about how the majority of clients think that Twitter isn't suited for their kind of advertising needs.

But Hillary Bressler and other ad execs who work with smaller businesses advise clients to skip it.

"It might make more sense to the Kim Kardashians of world, who are tweeting about fashion, purses and things like that, but we are results driven — we don't have a lot of branding-type-scenario clients," said Bressler, chief executive of.Com Marketing.

Bressler says her clients advertise online specifically to boost actual sales. Twitter, she says, isn't suited for that role.

In a follow up story Barlas finds that Twitter's Promoted Tweets aren't living up to company's expectations as far as results are concerned
But while Twitter began testing ads last year, it hasn't delivered a consistent return, says Craig Macdonald, chief marketing officer for Covario, an online marketing services company. It's been running ads on Twitter for a consumer electronics client that it declines to name.

"Honestly, the results have been just so-so," Macdonald said. "It doesn't seem that great a deal for the advertiser. (Our client) is doing this for the experience, to be part of this cool new thing and so they can say they did it. But the business results are not there yet."

Of course Twitter counters these stories by saying that they have plenty of small and medium sized businesses who have seen really good success with Promoted Tweet campaigns.